Permanent Lip Tattoo Service In London ON

Permanent Lip Tattooing in London Ontario

Permanent lip tattooing or lip pigmentation treatment is the insertion of medical-grade pigment into the dermal layer of your lip area to achieve a natural, fuller, and more defined look. With age, our lips tend to get pigmented, they lose their definition and also the natural lip colour begins to fade. With such a high grade and effective treatment, you can get your youthful appearance back.

At Sunita’s Beaute and Spa Services, our beauty technicians are experts in lip tattooing services. Their sheer excellence in cosmetic procedures can help you get the desired look for your lips accurately. The treatment takes about 2 hours to fully execute and can fantastically transform the outer appearance of your lips.

So, if you also wish to improve the natural colour of your lip or its definition or just want to sharpen the lip contour, permanent lip tattooing can be the ideal procedure for you. Restore the fullness of your lips, pop some colour that goes with your personality and enhance the overall look of your face. Contact us for consultation booking today and get amazing results just like you imagined.

Trusted Lip Blushing in London, Ontario

Any permanent makeup service requires the skills of thorough professionals, they need the expertise and valuable judgement of beauty technicians who have adequate knowledge of the procedure and are also aware of the intricacies involved with such delicate treatments. If you are looking for trusted and professional lip-blushing service providers in London, Ontario, then you have landed at the right place.

We know the gravity of the services we provide and hence we are always extra cautious to ensure we give 100% satisfaction to our clients by providing top-notch service. We use top-grade equipment and tools required for permanent makeup and are well-aware of the know-how of such techniques.

Get ready for flawless lush lips with colours that go with your personality to achieve the desired transformation. From bold to tinted we have many different shades for lip colours. Improve the definition of your lips, give them a fuller finish, and redefine imperfect lip lines, whatever your agenda is, rest assured with us you are in the best of hands. Restore your confidence by getting luscious lips only at Sarita’s Beaute Spa today! Schedule an appointment now.


The approximate cost of a lip tattoo comes out roughly to be $400 and $800. That covers the outside of the lip area. The price also depends on the effect you want to achieve with the service, whether you just want a lip liner or a lipstick-like effect or dark lip correction, or so on.

But a point to note here is, that a lip tattoo requires several sittings for the execution of the entire process which means you will have to invest more money in the long run.

A full lip tattoo lasts for about 2-5 years. Many women chose to have lip tattoos to enhance their lips’ overall appearance, give them desired tint and sometimes correct the crooked definition of their lips.

The entire permanent lip tattoo treatment takes about 2.5 hours. The first sitting is usually longer as most of the time is spent in drawing an accurate template and desired lip shape and the anesthetic also takes about 30 minutes to show its effects.

The follow-up sittings called for touch-ups are faster and take about 20 minutes to execute the entire procedure.

A lip tattoo is a different service altogether compared to lip filling. A Lip tattoo creates a look of fuller, bigger lips without adding any volume to its existing form. It is done in a way that usually makes the lip look plum and bigger.

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