Permanent Eyeliner in London Ontario

A Perfect Solution for Permanent Eyeliner in London Ontario

The eyes are the most attractive part of anyone’s personality. During makeup as well, eye makeup can make or break your overall look, hence many ladies stand in front of the mirror every day spending hours achieving the most symmetrical and perfect eyeliner. Well, that can be annoying, we all know that.

That is why permanent makeup is gathering all the rage today. With the help of treatments like permanent eyeliner or eyeliner tattoos, you no longer have to spend hours perfecting the right and the left wing, instead, you can save that extra time for yourself! Cosmetic tattooing unlike regular makeup doesn’t smudge or wear off. So, no matter whether you are at the gym, in the swimming pool or in a pub, you can be yourself without any worry in the world. Neither the sweat nor the water nor any other element can hamper your look.

Sarita’s Beaute Spa offers you the best treatment for permanent eyeliner in London, Ontario. With the help of their experienced beauticians, you can create the look that you truly desire. It will stay with you for a long time giving you the flexibility to flaunt your fabulous self no matter the time of the day!

Book a consultation appointment today to understand the procedure, and to decide which look will suit you the best! Our technicians will give you the makeover you always desired for!

What is Permanent Make-Up Eyeliner or Eyeliner Tattooing?

A permanent makeup eyeliner is a procedure whereby with the help of a specialized tool, a line in your preferred colour and thickness is applied into the dermal layer of the skin resulting in instant enhancement of your eye shape. The pigment is deposited very close to the lash line to give it a natural and more seamless look. The thickness and the colour of the line entirely depend on your preference. With a wide range of colours from brown and grey to black and blue to even purple, there is a huge palette for you to choose from.

Now get the fresh, bright and open-eyed look every morning by putting in zero effort. Wake up every morning with natural-looking, beautiful eyes. If you wish to create a bolder and more attractive eye look and want to go for winged eyeliner, our expert beauty tacticians can even help you in achieving that. Contact Sarita’s Beaute and Spa to experience excellence and professionalism at its very best. Enhance your outer appearance and look phenomenal with our wide range of permanent makeup services!


The exact cost of getting a permanent eyeliner varies from salon to salon. It also greatly depends on various other factors as well, such as the style, colour, or desired thickness. Approximately, it can cost you somewhere between $600 to $1000.

The average age of your permanent eyeliner tattoo usually ranges between 2-5 years. Though longevity depends on various other factors as well such as your lifestyle, after-procedure care, your health condition, skin type and more. Also, frequent exposure to the sun can cause the fading of the tattoo faster.

This greatly depends on each person’s individual pain threshold. Also, to minimize the discomfort, the beauty technicians use topical anesthetics to numb the area before starting the procedure.

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