Ombre Powder Brows London, Ontario

Ombre Brows, your permanent eyebrow solution

Ombre Powder Brows London, Ontario

If you have oily skin and are planning to get your eyebrows serviced, we have an excellent method to decorate your face with excellent-looking eyebrows. The Ombre Powder Brows method. Everyone knows about the microblading technique, but it is not suitable for every skin type. The Ombre Brows method, also known as the Powder Brows technique, gives women with oily skin natural-looking eyebrows and they look absolutely stunning. This amazing technique first emerged in Asia and has been going around the world for decades, improvising itself over and over again. This technique is suitable for not only women with oily skin, but any skin type who use eyebrow highlighters or pencils to color their brows regularly. This eyebrow styling technique is highly recommended by experts as it is done by a machine and is a bit less expensive and less invasive than microblading. The procedure of Ombro Brows in London, Ontario, is relatively pain-free and not very discomforting. Although the process isn’t too much of a hassle, we still apply numbing cream to every client opting for any eyebrow styling technique.


Ombre Powder Brows technique, as the name suggests, gives a powdery look to the eyebrows. The rooted edge of the eyebrows turns out to be faded while the tail is firm and crisp, giving it a natural look. This technique is quite different from microblading or traditional tattooing. The technique is performed on the epidermis layer of the skin. The make-up artist uses a single needle to insert a pigment into the epidermis of the skin in hundreds of spots. The result is that it starts giving off a powder-like texture. It is a less harsh technique, and more controllable. It is done with the help of a machine and is a lot less invasive than the other eyebrow styling techniques.


Powder Brows Technique in London, Ontario is an eyebrow styling technique that has a lot of benefits over the other eyebrow styling techniques. The benefits of Ombre Brows are as follows:

– Your eyebrows will look denser, perfectly defined, and give a natural look.

– The ombre Powder technique is a lot less invasive than the microblading technique, and less painful as well.

– The procedure of Ombre Brows technique is relatively pain-free, but it does feel a little discomforting on the skin.

– The result of this technique usually lasts for up to 5 years, making this a semi-permanent styling technique.

– Ombre Brows in London, Ontario is great for any skin type and beats microblading which can be very messy for women with oily skin.

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