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Eyebrow Threading & Waxing London, Ontario

Eyebrow threading and waxing in London, Ontario are hair removal techniques that remove unwanted facial hair and give your eyebrows a rather defined look. Both of these techniques are used for the same purpose, however, they are quite different when compared to each other. The eyebrow threading in London, Ontario is a painful and time-consuming process. This hair removal procedure needs a lot of patience and tolerance. On the other hand, waxing is a more convenient method advocated by those who find threading a hassle. It is fast and shows great results. If you have sensitive skin, a skin that gets allergies quickly, you should go for threading instead of waxing. At Sarita Beaute Spa, we offer both hair removal and designing services by professional and experienced beauticians. Our beauticians are trained and especially suited to offer eyebrow styling services to our clients. We are one of the best teams of makeup professionals in London, Ontario and we offer every styling service at a very reasonable price.

Difference between Threading and Waxing

Although both the techniques serve the same purpose, their application is quite different. Both the techniques are evenly matched as a large number of people look for threading and a comparatively equivalent size of crowd prefers waxing. Here is a list of some basic differences between the two which will help you decide what you want.

– Threading, as the name suggests, uses thread work on the skin to get rid of facial hair, especially eyebrows. On the other hand, waxing doesn’t use any threads, but chemicals.

– The use of threads can result in deep cuts if shown any negligence during the process and hence is a risky one. On the other hand, waxing is rather safe.

– During threading, no chemicals are used which is beneficial for people having sensitive skin. Waxing is done by the use of chemicals that can be harmful to people having sensitive skin.

– Waxing is time-consuming as it happens in an instant, whereas threading takes a lot of time, patience, and care.

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